About Heroes…

- Since Columbia I’ve been thinking about heroes. The result can be viewed here. Don’t forget to check out the Media Echoes for Christopher Hitchens’ piece on Mandela. Hitchen’s once referred to the death of Mother Theresa as “... the old bird finally fell from her perch…” and he’s been a favorite of mine ever since. Not many reporters had the guts to point out her affinity for dictators like the Docs (Papa & Baby) Duvalier. Hitchens revs up his chainsaw and applies it to Mandela. As a former devotee of the man, it sickens me to say that it is indeed well deserved.

Mandela has clearly lost it. I could be politically correct and make excuses for him – that those surrounding him have been filtering the news he receives or something to that effect – but the truth must be laid bare. Mandela is a racist. Perhaps all those years spent in prison developing a statesman-like persona was a ruse – but I shudder to think so. It’s a shame, but from the perspective of the Iraqi people, his voice against change in Iraq is a crime. I guess only black autocrats like Robert Mugabe or Arab dictators like Saddam have human rights in Mandela’s eyes. In two years the man has called into question 35 years of his own history.

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