Colin Powell’s UN Speech

- Yesterday’s UN speech by Colin Powell was unprecedented yet I can’t help but feel that it’s the death knell for the institution. Perhaps this thought shouldn’t be as scary as it may seem to some, since the UN was born in the Cold War and shaped by its politics and rivalries. In effect the Cold War died in 1992 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, so I don’t think it’s a coincidence that since then the institution has had serious trouble. It proved ineffective in Somalia in 1993. It ignored the pleas of its own peacekeepers to intervene to stop the genocide in Rwanda. It completely abetted the atrocities in Sbrenica in Bosnia-Herzogovina. The current head of the UN Human Rights Commission is Libya, and the only nation that voted against the appointment was the US (Europe “courageously” abstained). And in May Iraq is set to chair the UN Disarmament Commission.

Is there a need for a transnational entity of some type ? Yes. Is it the United Nations? Absolutely not.

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