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To Gitmo or Not to Gitmo

Summary of NPR discussions over the past day following the Supreme Court Hamdan decision:

Reporter A: Human rights groups want Guantanamo Bay facilities closed. The US Military wants Guantanamo Bay facilities closed.

Reporter B: What would happen to the 450 detainees?

Reporter A: Some would be jailed elsewhere, but most would be sent home. However, many of those who would be sent home would face torture, imprisonment or in some cases, death.

B: So many of them wouldn’t want to be sent home.

A: Correct. And no other country wants them. Some human rights groups believe that due to media attention, these detainees are safer in Guantanamo Bay than they would be if they were in fact released.

I’m sure Saudi Arabia would know how to handle them.

My question: What does the left want to happen to these terrorists? They don’t want them at Gitmo, and they don’t want them sent home….

I know! How about placing them under house arrest in Lefty homes? I’m sure multi-millionaire Noam Chomsky could afford luxurious accomodations. Ditto the short, fat Dixie Chick and Barbara Streisand. Heck, maybe they could score heroin for the lead singer of Green Day too by calling their buddies back in Afghanistan.

Magazines of my Mind

Copyright 2006 - Scott Kirwin

Copyright 2006 - Scott Kirwin

I Support Israel

Biting off more than you can chew

Just couldn’t resist…

NY Times - Traitor Edition

An Inconvenient Truth

Here’s an inconvenient truth for Al Gore:

Al Gore was second in command of the world’s sole superpower for 8 years and did nothing to halt global warming – including failing to garner a single vote against the Byrd-Hagel Amendment which put the United States Senate firmly against ratification of the Kyoto Protocol (95-0).

Cowardly Quotes

Murtha Says US Top Threat to World Peace

Chomsky? No, Murtha.

Hattip: LGF
More Cowardly Quotes at Gateway Pundit.

The Cowardly Lion

Separated at birth:
Cowardly LionJohn Murtha

All Hail America’s New Leader

Take a look at this man:
Bill Keller, New York Times ed.
He is Bill Keller, editor of the New York Times.
Recently Bill received secret information about the American government’s effort to thwart terror. This information would make it easier for terrorists to hide their money to finance terrorist attacks on US citizens both here and abroad.

The vice-president of the United States asked him to not print the story.
Senators and Congressmen from both parties asked him not to print the story.
Congressman John Murtha, a coward and critic of the administration, asked him not to print the story.
Even the President of the United States asked him not to print the story.

People elected by the American people and accountable to them asked him not to print the story.
Bill printed it anyway because Bill decided he and he alone can determine what America’s strategy to fight terrorism should be.

Bill Keller was not elected by anyone, but he decided it was in your best interest to publish this story. He believes he has the power to make such decisions, yet is accountable to only one man: Arthur Sulzberger, owner of the New York Times. Arthur supports Bill’s new position as de facto leader of the Free World.

Remember that the next time an American dies at the hands of terrorists.

Thanks Bill

Al-Qaeda’s Media Outlet Part 2

NY Times - Traitor Edition
NY Times - Traitor Edition

Al-Qaeda’s Media Outlet

NY Dhimmis

More Photoshop Satire

Just discovered some excellent Photoshop satire at the Panopticist:

Bad Touch Magazine

Genius. Pure Genius.

Consumer Report – June 2006

Stores I hardly ever visit anymore:
Best Buy - Quit going there after they stopped offering low prices and their CEO blasted “devil customers”. Probably haven’t stepped foot in the place for 2 years and haven’t missed it.
Circuit City – Unless it’s brand new, they won’t have it. Accessories to a year old camera or cell phone? “We have to order those.” Yep, I can too – usually for much less.
CompUSA – I once chased after their early-bird offerings, but didn’t feel like waking up at 2am to save $10 on an already overpriced harddrive. Better to buy from Newegg, Dealsonic, or other online vendors for whatever you need gear wise.
Shopping Malls – I’ve been in 2 of them in the past year and both are being overrun with hawkers hitting you up like sellers in a Middle Eastern bizarre – but the bizarre smells better and offers better food.
OfficeMAX/Office Depot – Junky and offering nothing that Staples offers. The former is way out of the way for me, and the latter is not long for the world IMHO.
Ebay - No bargains anymore – but plenty of scams with no Paypal protection for sellers. Otherwise all I’m doing is making money for the Bay while adding my email address to all the spambots that use Ebay as their private data warehouse.
Trader Joe’s - Infested with hippies and liberals – making it a hot spot for the Wife. Only fun if you are wearing this shirt or something like it.
Wal-Mart - Shoddy products from China perused by shoddy-looking conception products of incest? Uh, no thanks.
Wendys – Chili rumors ruined my appetite about a year ago. Dave’s spirit really has left that place.
Blockbuster - It’s been years – years since I’ve rented a movie from that category-killing outfit thanks to Gamefly and the local video store. In fact, the latter is endangered by NetFlicks if the Wife has her way. It’s time to get a real job, guys.

On my “watch list”:
Staples - Fewer bargains make this an “only if I really need something” destination. I used to like browsing the aisle for the odd bargains, but since they’re scarce there’s no point.
Target - The store uses subliminal lighting that makes its wares look cool until you leave. Then you realize that a) you didn’t need it, b) you paid too much for it and c) it looks like a piece of crap.
Sears – Craftsman tools (not the cheap Chinese junk they now sell) and Die-Hard batteries. There may be other departments in the store, but I don’t recall seeing them.

Home Depot - Full speed ahead. While the service sucks, there’s plenty for the eye and imagination here. If you need help, just grab one of the “how-to” books (not the HD ones – the “real” ones that show you how to handle real jobs).
Lowes - Second to Home Depot only because I don’t know the layout as well.
Barnes & Noble/Borders – Plenty to do/buy here, and you’ll never know what you’ll find in the bargain bin.
Newegg - Best deals on the planet for gear – without the rebate hassles. There is a sweet Pentium 805D just waiting to come to my home – if only I had a good excuse to order it.

North Korean Missile Test

North Korea is readying to test a missile that can hit the West Coast.
It says that it’s not bound to a missile testing moratorium in this article.

I think that it’s a perfect time to test America’s ABM capabilities and try to shoot the thing down.

If we miss, we’ll lose some diplomatic face in exchange for data from a real-life situation. But if we blow the thing up… Kim’s nukes won’t be seen as such a threat and we’ll look even tougher.

It’s a risk worth taking if I were Bush.
Kim Jong-il with Disney defecting son.

What Killed Eliza Jane?

Not AIDS according to this article:

His report concluded that Eliza Jane had died of anaphylactic shock due to amoxicillin and not pneumonia. Anaphylactic deaths due to so-called beta-lactam antibiotics result in up to 1,000 deaths per year.

The savagery of the attacks on Christine Maggiore are beyond the pale. For the open minded, they trigger an immediate “red flag” indicating an apparent weakness in the attacker’s arguments.

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