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Banility Fair

What liberal media?
This liberal media…

Vanity Fair sucks

That took 2 hours of Photoshop, but it was worth every minute.

Semper Fi

Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps.

The following comes from the link Marine Corps Humor:

La Republique francaise Islamique

France continues to burn – for a 7th day. Yesterday the French Minister of Social Cohesion Jean-Louis Borloo “said the government had to react “firmly” but added that France must also acknowledge its failure to have dealt with anger simmering in poor suburbs for decades.”

Minister of Social Cohesion? Minister of Equal Opportunities?

I have a suggestion to France: Stop creating government posts that have absolutely no power to improve life.

If they still must create jobs for political sycophants, how about useful jobs like a “Minister of Stop Trashing the Place or We’ll Deport Your Ass back to Algeria”? Or a Minister of Stop Burning Cars or We’ll Make Sure You Never Ever Own One”.

Minister of Social Cohesion? What’s next: Minister of Silly Walks?

The New York Sun nails the situation in today’s editorial:

It’s a barely kept secret that Mr. Chirac led the opposition to the Iraq war out of fear of how his Muslim population would react. This fear is a big part of why France portrays itself as America’s counterweight and why it criticizes Israel at every turn and coddled the terrorist Yasser Arafat right up to his death. This doesn’t elicit thanks from Muslim radicals in France. It turns out to project an image of weakness. Unsurprisingly when faced with some unhappiness they believe they can pressure the French state into submission.

The riots may eventually burn out, but the problem remains: A French political elite that believes it can appease its foes (exception: The United States – it will stand against us at all costs).

Coming to an EU near you: The Islamic Republic of France.

Cultural Competency

I am heartened to read that the University of Oregon Oregon has taken upon itself to educate its charges and faculty in Cultural Competency. As an avid believer that Americans know little about their culture, it is about time that Academia has stepped in to turn the tide against the ignorance that threatens to shake the very foundations of Western Civilization.

What does the average American know about the origins of the American legal system in English Common Law, or how the roots of Democracy can be traced back through the British Parliamentary system devised by the Magna Carta, through the rights of the Frankish noblemen under Charlemagne, to the Roman Republic and eventually the deepest roots of freedom: the Athenian Greeks?

But wait… that’s not the culture being taught and tested at the University of Oregon.

The problem is that nowhere in the 22-page diversity draft plan is �cultural competency� defined.

So, just which culture are we indoctrinating our youth – and evaluating their teachers – in?

We don’t know. But that’s not stopping Vice Provost Charles Martinez from doing it.

“If we’re going to make it our goal to advance our skills around cultural competency, we owe it to each other to have accountability for how we do that,” said interim Vice Provost Charles Martinez.

I salute Mr. Martinez for his American ingenuity and determination…

French Geniuses

Unfortunately I am not talking about Louis Pasteur, but instead Dominique Sopo. While Muslim youths are pretty much torching anything they can get their hands on, Mr. Sopo is calling for police to shower them with cash instead of tear gas.

The president of SOS-Racism, an anti-racism group, called Tuesday for a “massive investment plan” to for the suburbs.
“The police response alone … is not at all adequate,” Dominique Sopo said on France-Info radio, calling for a “real policy of breaking the ghettos.” Funds must go not only to building, but also to caring for the people via local associations, he said.

I often wonder how these geniuses would react it it were their houses get torched, or their businesses burned to the ground. Of course since these geniuses don’t usually live in the ghettos they supposedly want to “break”, it’s never an issue.