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The Vatican Just Doesn’t Get It

So the Vatican is going to issue a decree supporting a ban on gays in the priesthood. The head of the New York Province of the Society of Jesus, aka “Jesuits”, is lobbying against this decree. Being Jesuit educated myself, I’m not surprised that the Jebbies are pissed about this. The Jesuits have always been on the “bleeding edge” of Church teachings, resulting in their excommunication from the Church not just ONCE but THREE times.

The Rev. Gerald Chojnacki…

said he would be working with the Conference of Major Superiors, which represents leaders of religious orders in the United States including the Jesuits, Franciscans and others, and with bishops to fight “for the opportunity of a gay person to say yes to God’s call in celibate service of priesthood and chaste religious life.”

What the Jesuits recognize – and the Vatican does not – is that a gay man can be celibate. The problem with pedophilia in the Church has nothing to do with homosexuality. In fact the Vatican doesn’t even recognize that the true problem with pedophiles in the Church isn’t even their crimes: It’s the Vatican response to their crimes. It’s the conspiracy to sacrifice children to prevent scandal that has led many – including an ex-Catholic like me – to wonder if the Church has lost its way.

Now the Vatican is embarking upon a witchhunt to rid itself of celibate homosexuals in its ranks in a grand exercise of farting at the dinner table and blaming the dog.

Many good men will suffer from this policy, while the demented will continue on in safety. All the while the credibility of the Vatican- and the money from those who support it – will continue to dwindle.

If the Vatican stands for nothing except its own bureaucracy, then the Jesuits should be excommunicated again. Perhaps it is time that the Pope excommunicate the Vatican itself from the Church because it obviously no longer serves the faithful in Christ’s name when it propagates such injustice.

A Ballpark Goes Out in Style

I have only seen three games in my life – all with my Dad, and all at Busch Stadium. Busch was opened 5 months before I was born, and now it’s going to be torn down and replaced by a bigger stadium nearby.

The place is filled with memories for Cardinals fans. Like most, I don’t want to see it go – but go it will, just like old Sportsmen Stadium on Grand Avenue – the very place where the St. Louis Perfectos aka “Cardinals” were born.

But the old ballpark is going out in style. Due to the crushing might of the St. Louis Cardinals team this year, at least 2 playoffs will be held beneath its arches before it is turned into rubble.

Not a bad way to end, if you ask me.
Busch Stadium

Christian Raped After Refusing to Convert to Islam


ISTANBUL, September 27 (Compass) ­ A Pakistani woman has charged three men with raping her earlier this month and threatening to kill her if she did not convert from Christianity to Islam. Ribqa Masih, 22, testified at last Thursday¹s court hearing that Ghulam Abbas and Mohammad Kashif drugged and kidnapped her on September 2. Masih had made the 10-mile trip from her home town of Chak to the city of Faisal Abad with a Muslim female friend who, unbeknownst to Masih, had arranged to meet Abbas and Kashif at the bus stop in Faisal Abad. The two men offered Masih a drink of water that caused her to lose consciousness, and they allegedly raped her throughout the night. They also allegedly threatened to shoot her and kill the rest of her family if she did not repeat the Islamic creed, which, if done in the presence of two Muslims, is considered a valid form of conversion to Islam. Masih refused, saying that she would rather die than change her religion. The next morning, she said, her
kidnappers handed her over to another Muslim whom they said would return her home, but he raped her over the next three days.

Hitchens and a Personal Prediction

Hitch nails it (as usual) in this Slate piece:

I suppose that it is possible that he has never before come across “International ANSWER,” the group run by the “Worker’s World” party and fronted by Ramsey Clark, which openly supports Kim Jong-il, Fidel Castro, Slobodan Milosevic, and the “resistance” in Afghanistan and Iraq, with Clark himself finding extra time to volunteer as attorney for the génocidaires in Rwanda. Quite a “wide range of progressive political objectives” indeed, if that’s the sort of thing you like.

It’s only a matter of time before these nutjobs stop marching in the streets and spray-painting “Anarchy” A’s everywhere, and start killing people in terror attacks here.

The more shrill they get, the more ignored they become, making them up the level of their rhetoric and becoming more shrill still. Eventually they will reach a point of burn-out, where the majority will walk away and settle down to jobs as baristas at coffeeshops – or go back to grad school where they can replace the geriatric hippies that brainwashed them.

However a small minority will do what the Manson Family and the SLA did in the USA, the Red Brigade did in Italy and the Bahder-Meinhoff Gang did in Germany in the 1970s: they will turn to violence. Today’s nihilists are tomorrow’s terrorists; they just don’t realize it yet. They think they are on a new path, ignoring the footsteps (and bloodstains) of those who passed before them.

Like the Muslims who suffer the most at the hands of terrorists who claim to be fighting on their behalf, these terror cells will target the very people they claim to represent: the anti-war “majority” of Americans. They will “shit where they live” in the same way Al-Qaeda does today in Saudi Arabia and Iraq – so expect the attacks to occur on the West Coast – most likely in LA, San Francisco and Portland – three of the most anti-war cities in the USA. The attacks will be small scale – an attack on a mall, bank or government facility – but they will shock the Media that has supported their propaganda efforts and therefore, make a huge splash.

But when will they happen? Going out on a limb I would guess 2007 or ’08 – because by that time their extreme agenda will have run its course and leave them hungering for the limelight. The political cycle will be in full swing, and the public will be paying more attention than usual to politics.

It will be interesting to see if this prediction pans out. I pray it does not, but given history of the Manson clan, Red Brigade, Red Army in Japan, and Bahder-Meinoff I believe that it is only a matter of time that these nihilists create the anarchy they crave.

Louisiana Politicians On Crack

Well, the Washington Post thinks so.

Like looters who seize six televisions when their homes have room for only two, the Louisiana legislators are out to grab more federal cash than they could possibly spend usefully.

Louisiana pol’s better recognize the possibility of blowback as the Katrina crisis fades. The level of ingratitude I’m seeing is simply stunning.

Justice – Israeli Style

On the Highway to Hell

Imagine the guy above without his head.
Imagine the same guy machine gunning a pregnant woman and her 4 daughters to death.

Is it easier now?

Here we go again…

Here are some links to follow what’s happening in New Orleans and the Texas Gulf Coast.

The Interdictor is the blog run by the company that owns DirectNic. It’s a must for techies interested in learning how other techies handle and prepare for disasters.

WWLTV is one of the local TV stations. NOLA.Com is the Times Picayune site.

Click2Houston has news from the Texas side of the Storm.

Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid

General Honore via Radio Blogger.

God I love the military…

See you on the other side, Mr. Wiesenthal

A true hero died today: Simon Wiesenthal.

Thank you Mr. Wiesenthal.

The American Housing Bubble

It’s September 2005 and the Global Housing Bubble (GHB) continues expanding. However I don’t think you have to be Nostrodamus to predict that sooner or later, this bubble will burst. Then we will look back and say to ourselves “What were we thinking?”

Well, truth be told, we are thinking – but past success means alot more in the present than the future. Currently the future is very dim, and the ability to predict with any certainty makes one tend to not even try. After all, look at the past. We thought housing prices were overvalued when they were half what they are today, didn’t we? And look what happened.

The Past is real and to a great degree concrete. We lived it and know it – well, at least our faulty perception convinces us that we do. The Future, on the other hand, is as ethereal as a cloud.

Plus, we also take comfort in the Herd: “Everyone else is doing it. Can everyone else be similarly deluded?”

Well, yes they can. Buying Global Crossing at $200/share. Selling homes to buy a single Tulip bulb. History is peppered throughout with mass delusion of one type or another.

In addition, there are always Doom Sayers. “The End is Nigh”, “The bubble will collapse”, “Doom, Doom, Doom.” Most of the time these people are wrong and can be safely ignored. However when do you start listening to them?

Perhaps you never should – since broken clocks may be right twice a day but we don’t use them to tell time. More useful are predicators that have been tested by time and have worked in the past. All of these indicators point to a housing bubble – one that exists on a global scale.

So what have I done to prepare for the bursting of this Bubble?

First I have become extremely reluctant to move – which is easy because I can’t afford any of the houses that I like.

Second I continue to work down my indebtedness. I recently refinanced my home equity loan, but took less than the sum my bank was willing to lend me. Even if real estate values decline by as much as 40% I could still sell my home and walk away from it debt-free.

Third, I fought against the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 sponsored by Delaware senators Joseph Biden and Tom Carper. I did everything I could as a private citizen – wrote letters to the editor, blogged about it, sent letters to and called the senators. I firmly believe that this law is the Smoot-Hawley of our time: it will turn a recession into a depression.

Beyond that? All I can do is continue doing what I do: work and provide for my family. Even there I have prepared for the future by supporting The Wife’s dream of becoming a doctor. I figure that in the event of a Depression Business Analysts won’t be needed, but Doctors will.

Blinded By Ideology

More Cognitive Dissonance & Islam here at the Jerusalem Post.

Similarly, the US wants to get its forces out of Iraq as soon as the situation is stable enough there to do so. In short, the terrorists are ensuring the continuation of the very situations they claim as grievances, using them to block moderate solutions and to gain power. The charges of foreign aggression and ruthlessness, combined with a lack of alternatives to violence, are false.

Things to Do Without Thinking

Things to do without thinking – because you’ll talk yourself out of it and later regret it.

Travel to East Africa – There is no other place in the world like it. Everything is stronger under the equatorial sun in East Africa. The colors are brighter. The people more beautiful, their foods more exquisite. Even their vegetables and coffee tastes stronger.

Listen to an old person – We tend not to think of them, and often times avoid them – as if age is a disease that we can catch from them. We also belittle them at times for being “out of touch” or confused by accoutrements of modern day life. However when we listen to them, a whole world of experiences we cannot imagine opens up, and in the end we are humbled and relish our youth while we still can.

Have children – Nature has ways of making sure we listen to our instincts, but while we may attempt to control it or channel it, there is nothing more fulfilling than accepting our role of parenting. Parenthood is the time when we switch from taking from the world to giving back, from selfishness to selflessness. It is a demarcation in life, a visible line in the sand of Time that once crossed, we can never return. Children are the very representation and essence of Life, and there can be no greater duty or joy than nurturing them.

Cultivate Faith – All human beings have spiritual needs, for explanations that resist explanation or fears that cannot be rationalized away. We are more than the sum of our parts, although what that “more” really is has been debated and sought after for hundreds of millennia. To have no faith in anything is to walk a path that ends in Nihilism – the true Hell of our time.

Everything – As the Zen Buddhist koan states, “chop wood, carry water.” The goal is complete focusing on the journey, on each task at hand with no worry about the past or future. Doing without thinking, leading to “right action” and later, enlightenment.

Why I Am Here

Cox and Forkum says it all:
Cox and Forkum

When Government is the Problem

Radley Balko nails the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina in this Fox News post (quoting Nicholas Weininger):

“Rarely has it been so clear how much we, the ordinary people of this country, are better than our rulers. I hope that lesson is not lost on anyone, of any political persuasion.”