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Kennedy On the Swamp of Iraq

Update: Great Minds think alike. Iowahawk’s “It’s Finally Time To Exit The Oldsmobile” can be found here.

I usually don’t like ad hominem attacks, but this story just writes itself…

According to this story, Senator Ted Kennedy wants us to hastily withdraw from the quagmire of Iraq. Fair enough. When it comes to quagmires and swamps, Kennedy is an expert. (Source)

In Ted’s eyes, Pres. Bush is driving at high speed with a partner – the Iraqi people – who he doesn’t know very well, but sure is pretty – bursting with youth, vitality and promise. He’s also being reckless about it by not courting our allies like he should have; kind of like a married man who drinks a wee bit too much at a party and lets his baser nature take hold. Then, very quickly he finds himself flying off a bridge into a swamp that threatens to sink his career and his reputation in the history books.

So what should he do? Well, in Ted’s eyes there is only one solution: When the car rolls over and hits bottom, get the hell out of it as fast as possible. The hell with the Iraqi people. If they can’t survive on their own, that’s plain tough. It’s not like we’re talking about a Kennedy – I mean – Americans here after all. Let them drown in the water of tyranny, have their flesh nibbled upon by the likes of Zarqawi and other Sunni nut jobs. At least we’ll come out of it alive.

And that’s all that matters, isn’t it? Nothing should get in the way of our glory – especially a setback like a little accident. We have history to write, or at least, report to the proper authorities.

Killing Madonna

I’m reading more of Spiced Sass these days . Here’ s a post on the slaying of Madonna by a Jewish extremist.

“...Madonna was cycling from her house to her production company when she was intercepted by her killer… shortly before 9am on 2 November last year.

The attacker shot four times before Madonna fell or jumped off her bicycle. Madonna ran across the road with the killer in pursuit, again firing his weapon.

...Madonna fell on the bicycle path and pleaded for mercy, asking the man to stop shooting.

Witnesses described how the man shot Madonna again from a distance of about half a metre. He then produced a large knife and cut Madonna’s throat before plunging the knife into her chest. He then took a smaller knife from a bag he was carrying and used it to pin a letter to Madonna’s body.” [...] “..the murder was in part designed as a warning to all who defiled the Jewish religion.”

Zee, the writer, uses one of my favorite rhetorical devices: substituting elements of a story to see if our opinions change. It’ s one of the best tools to discern bias, and has strengthened some of my opinions, but changed many more.

I too have commented on the death of Theo Van Gogh, and the apparent lack of interest of his death by the media, most recently here. While Van Gogh did not have nearly the level of celebrity that Madonna has, one wonders how much of the silence is do to the celebrity of the killer and the tacit support of his religion.

I do not believe that all religions are the same in the same way that I do not believe that all people are the same. When I see Episcopalians setting off car bombs, or Hassidim beheading civilians, maybe I’ll change my mind.

Martyrdom In Jersey

The story that the MSM Dhimmis don’t want to accept:
Jersey Christians Slaughtered For Religious Beliefs by Muslims

Auschwitz 1945

Today is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz 60 short years ago.
As long time readers know, I am a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people in particular. Part of the reason for this is a deep respect for inner strength, and the Jews have shown alot of that over the past 3000 years. Another reason is that the Jews indeed are God’s chosen people – His people to pick on, kick in the face, and in general torment through history. I’m not big on God right now – if He exists – because honestly, I know I could do better. Any God who allows the suffering of innocents is no God of mine.
I also have Jewish “blood” through my father’s mother. While I was raised Catholic, I retain a strong affinity for Judaism and its struggle to survive through the ages. If I had to “choose” a religion, Judaism and Catholicism would be my top two picks. Buddhism is a close third, but Buddhism has always struck me as a little too whimsical when bad things happen. When bad things happen, you want a good Jesuit to help you come to terms with it intellectually or a Rabbi to pat you on the back and buy you a hot cup of coffee.
I am deeply troubled by the rise of anti-semitism amongst the intellectual elite. I once considered myself part of it, until I realized that I didn’t belong there. I’m the first generation of my family to attend college, and while I know my way around Sartre and Hesse, I’d rather spend time watching a little league game or hanging drywall. I’ve always had a populist streak, and part of my intellectual growth has been embracing that and no longer being ashamed that the only ivy-covered building I’ve ever lived in is my home in Delaware.

I look at the intellectual elite, and I am struck by how similar they are to the elite of the 1930s. During that time, Communism was the intellectual fad of the day, and anti-semitism was built into it by design. The view of the world came through the prism of Marxism which severely distorted reality for that elite. Today, everything is viewed through a prism of anti-Americanism and anti-semitism. Americans are bad. Jews are bad.
Anti-Americanism is really anti-populism. America is a populist state. It’s leaders are elected by the people. People choose the success of products in the marketplace, and ideas in the free press. This bothers intellectuals to no end. They want to be looked to, or worshipped, for their wisdom while the rest of the nation ignores them, making them irrelevant.
Anti-Semitism is something deeper. In a sense it reflects an easy solution for a complex problem. The problem for the intellectual elite is relevance, and the solution? Blame the Jews. It’s an ancient solution and one with a long intellectual provenance. Since America is Israel’s biggest supporter (supplanting France in 1967) , it also ties in to the anti-Americanism to create a nice big ball of intellectual rubbish.
The lesson that Auschwitz 1945 is “never again”. Unfortunately it is increasingly clear that it is a lesson that the intellectual elite hasn’t yet learned.

Condi vs The Klansman

I Love Condi Rice, but please don’t tell the wife…
Meanwhile, the Democrats are getting back to their racist roots. Remember – it was the Republicans who freed the slaves after all. Who better to grill a black woman than a former Klansman? (link to Power and Control via Spiced Sass)

“Dr. Rice is responsible for some of the most overblown rhetoric that the administration used to scare the American people,” Sen. Robert Byrd , D-W.Va., said.

Byrd was a local leader of the Ku Klux Klan for a period of time in the early 1940s, holding the title Kleagle; Klan recruiter. In a 1946 letter, he wrote, “The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia.” However, when running for Congress in 1952, he announced, “After about a year, I became disinterested, quit paying my dues, and dropped my membership in the organization. During the nine years that have followed, I have never been interested in the Klan.” Still, in 1964 he opposed the Civil Rights Act.

Senator Byrd quit the Klan in the 1940s and has renounced it since. On the other hand, his history is worth revisiting, since it’s something Democrats have been willing to tolerate, despite Lott-like remarks that would have ended a Republican’s career. Only last year Mr. Byrd told Fox News that “there are white niggers. I’ve seen a lot of white niggers in my time, if you want to use that word. But we all—we all—we just need to work together to make our country a better country and I—I’d just as soon quit talking about it so much.”

Mr. Byrd quickly apologized, but he wasn’t denounced by Democrats, much less by the Clintons. Nor did the press corps use the opportunity to wallow in other Byrd racial lowlights, such as the 14 hours and 13 minutes he spent in an unsuccessful filibuster during the debate over the 1964 civil rights act, which he voted against along with 20 other Senate Democrats. The political press also didn’t dredge up his votes against both Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas, votes that made him the only Senator to have opposed the only two black Supreme Court nominees in U.S. history.

Watching the Watchers

I’m participating in a discussion at this link about the mainstream media vs the blogosphere. Blame Dean Esmay.


It takes a big man to cry, it takes a bigger man to hug him and cry too…
Donovan McNabb

The 4th time’s a charm.

The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl!

Snow Storm

This was the scene outside my kitchen window this afternoon.
Snow in Wilmington DE

That’s a Del National Guard Humvee stopped to help out the idiots who don’t understand the concept of 4-wheel drive or it’s limitations in a blizzard.

Pete Rose

Just for fun I’ve been looking up the Pete Rose controversy online. I’ve found two sites that give pretty good details on the story: the Cosmic Baseball Association and the Pete Rose FAQ at Baseball Archive. I’ve written about my interest in Rose most recently here.

My conclusion: The Hall of Fame should drop the morals clause and let Rose become eligible. After reading about the controversy, I’m now more pissed off about his overstaying in the lineup to pursue his 4000th hit – which may have hurt the team than any gambling he may be guilty of.

If Pete Rose became eligible and if I were one of the voters, I would not vote for him until he gave a complete accounting for his actions, accepted responsibility for them, and apologized for the damage he inflicted to the game. So far he has done none of these actions.

I know what it means to be an addict, and I also know what it means to accept responsibility for my actions. Pete Rose must do the same, and when he does, he can enter Cooperstown.

But not until then, and if he dies before that happens, then tough.

Jimmy Carter Linked to Oil For Food Scandal

Yes, our old “friend” Dhimmi Carter has been linked to the UN Oil For Food Scandal (link to story here).
Sanctimonious Bastard

“Sho’ me da money…”

Not content with ruining America during his 4 years in office, Carter apparently decided to help ruin Iraq.

Carter has a long history of kissing the a$$es of dictators, and we at The Razor have a long history of disliking Dhimmi, viewing him as the second worst President in American history (Nixon gets the top honor) (see link here and here).

The Heart of Redness

If you love Apocolypse Now – and really, who doesn’t like a movie with LSD and severed heads that almost killed Martin Sheen? – then you’ll love Iowahawk’s the Heart of Redness:

It – or rather, he – is the mission that has brought me to this dismal and lonely outpost on the edge of reason. Tomorrow I will make the dangerous trek north on Dubuque Street to Exit 242, merge into the river of semi-trailers on Interstate 80, and head west into the great red unknown between here and Boulder.

It is the same route Von Drehle followed before he went missing: I-80 to Nebraska, then south on highway 77 through Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Ironically the Post had sent Von Drehle on his own mysterious mission – to learn why the natives were suddenly agitating against Post subscription offers. He went missing on January 11, emailing his final story draft with a cryptic personal note: “the horror… the horror.”

American Idol

I thought about this the other night when I caught the first episode of this season’s American Idol, and Spiced Sass expresses it well:

Watching American Idol tonight I was struck by the hugely inflated egos of some of the young contestants. That they were as well totally devoid of the least tiny soupcon of talent made them pathetic. Is it what you get when you follow the ‘self esteem’ system of bringing up kids instead of work and discipline? I don’t see any other explanation.

Coincidentally, this is today’s quote on my client’s corporate intranet site:
“Amateurs believe their enthusiasm will suffice.” – Mason Cooley

Inauguration Day

While it’s bitter cold outside, I’ve got a warm feeling in my gut as President Bush takes the oath of office for a second time today.

Four years ago, I didn’t feel that way at all. I felt disheartened and betrayed by an American system that hadn’t gone my way. Yet 8 months later, everything was going to change – including me.

But not the system. The American republic rolled onward into the future, steadily and inexorably. It didn’t betray me after all; it worked as it was designed – restoring my faith in my country.

Here’s to President Bush #43, and to the nation that he governs.

Mercenaries for PS2/XBox

I usually don’t write about such frivolous topics like video games, but hey, I’m tired of being profound.
A new game called Mercenaries has just been released for PS2 and XBox. It’s supported by a great commercial – a parody of the “I am a nurse” ads that aired awhile back in which the characters talk directly to the camera. Even the wife (may Her name be praised!) who absolutely hates video games laughed.

“I will use two grenades, when only one is called for,” one character says.
“I will flip a coin to decide which building to blow up, then I will destroy both,” says another.
“I’m a mercenary, and I love my job,” another one says.

Here’s a pic of one of the merc’s named “The Swede”
The Swede
Is that guy cool or what?
Overall the reviews are great for this game. Some are calling it GTA - North Korea, given the ability to jack any vehicle you come across.
Nevertheless, if you are into unadulterated mayhem – and let’s be honest, who among us isn’t from time to time? – then this game is for you.

Guts – Somali Style

Just a note that the woman who penned “Submission” – the work that left Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh dead with a message stuck to his chest with a knife (link) – has come out of hiding (story).

A former refugee who describes herself as a “lapsed” Muslim, she campaigned against Muslims who reject Dutch values such as gender equality and gay rights. She outraged the Muslim community by saying the Prophet Muhammad was a tyrant by today’s standards, and by urging women to abandon their traditional veils or head scarfs.

Without fear there is no courage. This one Somali woman has more balls than half the men of Europe.
Guts Somali Style