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Carter: Electoral Process Better in Venezuela than USA

Update: Instapundit didn’t link to this post, but he did link to this one that expresses the same thing. Money quote:

Jimmy Carter—who couldn’t find voter fraud in Venezuela if he had a 36% exit poll discrepancy….and he did—has found “voter fraud” in Florida in the form of a felon list that was rejected two months ago. And, in response to Florida’s rejection of that list, he claims “no steps” have been taken “to correct these departures”???

Former President Jimmy Carter states in a Washington Post opinion piece that a free election isn’t possible in Florida:

Carter, citing the experience of his Carter Center in monitoring international elections, said “some basic international requirements for a fair election are missing in Florida.”

This is the same former president who, in response to opposition claims that President Hugo Chavez rigged the balloting in the Aug 15, 2004 referendum, stated:

“We have no reason to doubt the integrity of the electoral process nor the accuracy of the referendum results,” Carter asserted at a news conference .

Nice to see that Christopher Hitchen’s adage that “Jimmy Carter never met a dictator he didn’t like” still holds.

More on Carter here.

Bush Supporter Bashing

Hat tip Dean.
Gay Patriot and his partner got bashed for their Bush-Cheney sticker.
He should move to Delaware. We have a vibrant gay community in Rehoboth Beach, and more importantly, the conceal and carry laws are quite, shall we say, helpful in such situations.

CommunistsForKerry: Upset over Rather Failure

The Politburo of Communists for Kerry are very “concerned” over the failure of Dan Rather to help their cause.

This book is obviously not helping the situation…
BTW, this is humor - moron

The Left vs. Little Girls

UPDATE: 9-24-04: Dana C sends this link to a Sun Times article that shows Mr. Parlock has had similar run-ins like this in the past. While some on the Left have suggested the union-worker was his son, no proof has been presented to testify to that fact.

Parlock may be a poor parent for dragging his kids to an event like this, but the fact remains:
He has the right to bear the sign of any candidate he supports, and the union thug doesn’t have a right to tear it away.

Besides, since when has a Democratic rally become a dangerous place for kids anyway?

UPDATE: The General President of the The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, James A. Williams, has issued an apology for the incident here. Money quote:

It is my hope that this incident reminds all of our members that every last citizen in this country has the right to express his or herself freely. Not one single one of us has the right to tell them otherwise.

Kudos to the IUPAT for being real men by apologizing.

Via Instapundit and Dean Esmay:
Little Girl
“Three-year-old Sophia Parlock cries while seated on the shoulders of her father, Phil Parlock, after having their Bush-Cheney sign torn up by Kerry-Edwards supporters on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2004, at the Tri-State Airport in Huntington, W.Va.”

It seems the Left can’t stand up to real men and women, so they have to attack kids. I’m not violent by nature, but you want to help me get in touch with my inner wolverine, go mess with kids.

Reverse the situation:
A Kerry supporter brings his 3 year old to a Bush rally.
Would the little girl have her sign ripped up?
And if she did, how many parents like me would be all over the asshole who made a little girl cry?

Parenting trumps party affiliation everytime.

Did She or Didn’t She?

Did Brittney Spears tie the knot?

We ask, “Who gives a rat’s ass?”

Memogate: Anarchy Now!

The more I read about Memogate, the angrier I get. While the Traditional Media™ leapt all over the Swifties looking for connections to the RNC (and found none), it has ignored the fact that CBS attempted to play matchmaker between the Kerry Camp and the source of the documents.

But the Pajamaheddin continue raking the coals of the story - and rightly so.

Someday the Blogosphere won’t whine about being ignored by the media. It will be the Media.

Yay Anarchy!

Memogate: Connecting the Dots

Bill Burkett to CBS Producer Mary Mapes to Kerry Campaign Chief Joe Lockhart.

Looks like the ties that bind to me…

Here’s a timeline of the collusion.
More on the Pajamaheddin.
Why NPR doesn’t stand for “non-partisan reporting”.

Mysteries of John Kerry’s War Record

The New York Post has an article written by the Powerline folks about Kerry’s war record. Since I just finished Unfit For Command Chapter 3, and am still digesting it (it’s much better than the previous chapter), this article will be a good substitute. Money quote:

Some questions that Kerry himself has yet to answer: When exactly did he enter Cambodia? Accidentally, or intentionally? If by accident, how did that lead him to lose faith in the government? If on a secret mission, what was its purpose? What is the name of the CIA man? Why is there no record of any Cambodia mission, even in Kerry’s journals? And why do Kerry’s crewmates and fellow officers unanimously deny that any such mission ever occurred?

Given this story and the one below, one would think we had travelled back in time 35 years today.

Just read the story again…

Kerry’s campaign has now admitted that his first Purple Heart wound may have been unintentionally self-inflicted, sustained when he exploded a hand grenade too close to shore. The Kerry camp has not responded substantively to questions on the discrepancies between his citation and his journal entries as published by his biographer.

This is a major issue in Chapter 3 of Unfit For Command. I hadn’t known this.

This means that John F. Kerry holds the first Purple Heart erroneously. That leaves JFK with two Purple Hearts, and a debt to the US Navy Reserves of 8 months of service.

I think he should serve it in Iraq. Maybe he could earn a Purple Heart.

The same guys on Kerry’s anti-war activities.

Yet another Vietnam Vet lays out the case against Kerry and his web of lies.

35 years of lies. I’m not a shrink, but that seems to qualify for the “pathological” label to me.

Photographer Eddie Adams dead at 71

You may not know him, but you know the picture that made him famous (Fox News story link).
South Vietnamese Officer executes Vietcong Officer

What’s interesting is what Adams himself had to say about the photo and the shooter, Lt. Col. Nguyen Ngoc Loan, who died in Virginia in 1998.

“The guy was a hero,” Adams said, recalling Loan’s explanation that the man he executed was a Viet Cong captain, responsible for murdering the family of Loan’s closest aide a few hours earlier.

“Sometimes a picture can be misleading because it does not tell the whole story,” Adams said in an interview for a 1972 AP photo book. “I don’t say what he did was right, but he was fighting a war and he was up against some pretty bad people.”

“Adams died at his Manhattan home from complications of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, said his assistant, Jessica Stuart. Diagnosed last May, he quickly lost his speech but remained alert and worked into his final days.”

Memogate: Aftermath

Well, it looks like CBS and Rather are trying to come clean, but not hard enough. They are now laying blame on Bill Burkett, a former Texas Air National Guard official.

CBS said Burkett acknowledged he provided the documents and said he deliberately misled a CBS producer, giving her a false account of their origin to protect a promise of confidentiality to a source.

Neither Rather nor CBS understand that the real issue is not that they were misled (“It was an error that was made, however, in good faith,” Rather claims), but that they were so easily misled and didn’t check out the story from another viewpoint.

Bottom line: They wanted the story to be true, and were not going to test it thoroughly to prove it otherwise. By running the story, CBS became an unelected political actor attempting to influence the outcome of November’s election. It became the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, and it deserves the term “propaganda” with all the negative connotations the word carries.

Rather needs to do the honorable thing, as do the heads of CBS news. Nothing else will do.

Memogate: Questions Dan would rather not answer

Rich Lowery has some questions for Dan Rather that are worth reading. Before you think that the Razor is just being partisan, you might consider that I never bought the “black helicopter crowd’s” assertion that Vince Foster death wasn’t anything but a suicide.

CBS: America’s Al-Jazeera

As I expected CBS News is refusing to face reality. Instead their answer is “Fake but true“. The evidence is fake, but the sentiment is true. It seems that they have passed the point of no return. They will ride out the controversy at all costs. Why?

For the sake of attempting to throw the election. Sorry, that’s what they are trying to do – and the reality of the situation is so gruesome that I’m not sure that they even realize it.

They want Kerry to win, and will do anything to help salvage his campaign. The story has done damage to them – and by association to Kerry – and they are hoping, praying that a real memo (or a better faked one) will turn up that can survive scrutiny by the great unwashed, pajama-wearing masses. Hell, since Michael Moore played fast and loose with the facts in a “documentary”, why can’t CBS do the same with the news?

To hell with the facts, they want Bush to lose and they will do anything, and say anything to make that happen.

It’s a freaking melt-down, a psychotic-break. If CBS was a person, it would be climbing a bell tower with a rifle right about now; if it was a drunk, it would be downing it’s final bottle of Jack before pouring itself behind the wheel for a night of hell-raising in the car.

The end is not going to be pretty. And you know what?

It will all be for nothing. None of this will stick to Bush. They could raise Killian from the dead and shit real memos out of their righteous asses for weeks – and no one would care.

CBS is America’s al-Jazeera. They’ll be firing all the Jews and bagging their women in burqas in no time.

Riders of the Storm

Please pray for our fellow Americans who are bearing Ivan’s fury tonight.

NPR & Memogate

I’m getting increasingly annoyed by the equivalence of a forged memo attributed to no one and the book, Unfit For Command, with 250+ sources.

Tonight on Foxnews “The Grapevine” Brit Hume discussed Memogate with the usual panel of 3 journalists, Mara Liasson, Mort Kondracki and Stephen Barnes (Left – Center – Right: Fair & Balanced) . Of course NPR correspondent Mara Liasson couldn’t resist comparing the forgery with the Swift Boat Veterans controversy. Has moral equivalence so tainted thought in the Left Wing that they can’t tell the diffeference between a faked memo and well-documented and attested with affadavit testimony?

Did she realize that the memo would be inadmissable in any court of law – yet the sworn affadavits of the Swift Boat vets would be permitted?

I gave up on NPR 3 years ago. I’m saddened to see things there haven’t changed.

Unfit for Command: Chapter 2

Chapter two – The Reluctant Warrior
Sources of this chapter:
Douglas Brinkley, “Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War,” William Morrow, New York, 2004

Samuel Goldhaber, “John Kerry: A Navy Dove Runs for Congress,” Harvard Crimson, Feb 18, 1970

J. F. Kelly Jr, “Living with His Anti-War Past: Should John Kerry become commander in chief?” California Republic, June 20, 2004

Kranish, Mooney & Easton, “John F. Kerry: The Complete Biography by the Boston Globe Reporters Who Know Him Best,” New York: Public Affairs, 2004

Basic assertions of this chapter:
John Kerry has portrayed himself as a warrior, and has used his experience to belittle his opponents who didn’t serve. However, Kerry’s experience was not heroic.

(Unfit For Command): But Kerry’s (war) record is important because Kerry himself says it is important.

(UFC): Kerry runs on his short record of three combat months (plus one training month) in Vietnam thirty-four years ago. He has placed full-page campaign ads in the New York Times with photos of himself receiving a medal…Kerry has pursued the war-hero theme with a persistent purpose, repeatedly demeaning the purported nonexperience of his opponents.

(UFC) Kerry petitioned the draft board for a student deferment. At Yale, Kerry’s antiwar political views were well known. He was chairman of the Political Union and used his commencement address in 1966 to criticize the foreign policy of President Lyndon Johnson.

(UFC) The top choice was the Navy Reserves where the duty commitment was shorter and a larger proportion of the period could be served stateside on inactive duty.

My Opinion
This is a weak chapter because it deals with the past, although it does methodically demolish Kerry’s image as a “reluctant warrior”. What I find interesting, is the media inattention to the fact that Kerry did not join the US Navy, but the Navy reserves – a safer alternative than, say, the Army or Marine corps since the Vietcong didn’t have a navy worthy of the name.

Also, I learned that the swift boats were originally a plush assignment – at least according to Kerry himself. They patrolled the coastal waters “and had very little to do with the War” (Kerry’s entry in The Vietnam Experience (1986)). That changed in late 1968 when the boats were ordered into inland waterways.

My Questions:
Why did Kerry join the antiwar movement?
Why does Kerry refuse to release his military records by signing Form 180?