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The Bush Love-Fest

Republicans shouldn’t kid themselves. Bush is not well liked even by many of those who plan to vote for him. As former NYC Mayor Ed Koch just said on Fox, “I don’t agree with any of the president’s domestic agenda – but terrorism trumps all domestic issues.”

Absolutely. The Republican party shouldn’t forget that.

I would vote for anyone who was willing to take the fight to the terrorists, bomb them and kill them in great numbers. Bush is currently the man who benefits from that belief, and that trumps everything else.

Anti-Semitism in Delaware

A Delaware Geography Lesson:
Delaware is a small state. It’s twenty-five minutes along the I-95 corridor – at say, three o’clock in the morning. Usually traffic doubles that. The state is itself bisected by the Chesepeake an Delaware Canal, with the bulk of the state’s population living in Wilmington and its suburbs in New Castle County – the largest of it’s three counties.

Sussex County is the southernmost county in the state, and is predominantly rural. It’s separated from New Castle County by Kent County which is a fast growing county containing the Delaware capital, Dover that is really a mix of suburban New Castle County and rural Sussex County.

End lesson.
In June at Sussex County Central High, a minister gave the prayer at the graduation which according to this news story – saying “that he hoped they would go out to seek the truth, which can only be found through Jesus.

There was a problem with this event: Sussex County Central High is a public school, and one of the graduates was Jewish. Her mother wasn’t happy about the incident, and complained to the Indian River School District, suggesting that the speakers use a more inclusive prayer in the future.

Since then, the woman who was born and raised in Sussex County has received a lot of grief. At a meeting about the incident in July, many locals defended the prayer and verbally attacked the woman. According to the story, “Their involvement, along with conservative talk-show hosts on a local station, soon turned the incident into a circus. About 800 people attended last week’s school board meeting. Many sang hymns and carried signs indicating they felt their religious rights were under attack.”

The woman and her children have been hounded by the locals – some suggesting that she should convert to Christianity, others that she should leave the county.

Let’s review:
Delaware is a small state of about 800,000 people – about 3/4 of whom live in New Castle County.
Sussex County Cental High is a public, state funded school district.
A Christian minister gave a prayer in which he said truth could only be found through Jesus.
A woman is upset about the prayer, and suggests that in the future the school district should offer a more inclusive prayer.

Now, for fun let’s check our biases:
Sussex County…
An Islamic Iman says truth could only be found through accepting Mohammed as God’s prophet.

How would the Christians react in Sussex County? I doubt

Sometimes I find myself at odds with the ACLU and believe that tolerance means that minorities should tolerate some just like majorities do. However, there are limits.

Accepting Jesus as your personal savior is a limit to me at a public school function.

Delaware is a small state, but it isn’t immune to big issues like separation of church and state. For her sanity, I hope that the woman and her family considers moving upstate. And since they want to live in a theocracy, I hope that Sussex County folks move to Iran.

Mainland China Travelogue

Here’s an interesting blog by one Promethean Antagonist, Beijing Travel Essay. As a student of East Asian affairs, I’m often amazed at how much of the stuff we buy comes from a nation that is at heart a Communist dictatorship that slaughtered 3000 of their own people instead of reforming 15 years ago. Money quote:

By the look of high polished suburban materialism around me, I figured that
it would be just a matter of time before this hard-line society dissolved into
the more moderate temperament that the Bourgeoisie seems to spontaneously
catalyze. (All those “ignorant” middle class “masses” seem to produce a more
comfortable way of life overall to the one’s ruled over by intellectual thugs – “philosopher kings”)

Be sure to check it out.

Al Qaeda Poet On Trial

A Yemeni poet jailed in Guantanamo has admitted that he is a member of al-Qaeda according to this story. After Googling him, I discovered translations of some of his poetry, excerpted below:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
Death to America!

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee like a jacket of plastic explosives
Wound tight around my body…

My long AK-47 rifle sticking through a tree
Towards a Jewish settlement still.
And there’s a body that I didn’t fill
With bullets and RPG rounds.

Bomb Scare In the Hood

Police blocked off a quarter mile stretch of a main suburban thoroughfare tonight during rush hour after police discovered something “suspicious”. Three hours later, and the street was still blocked off with ambulance and fire department personnel standing around and smoking.

I was imagining the situation compared to Israel. In Israel, three hours after a suicide bombing the street is open, the IDF have raised the family home of the attacker and taken out a car-load of his compadres, and Hamas/Islamic Jihad/Al Aksa Martyr’s Brigade have already issued their threats of retaliation.

In suburban Delaware, three hours after finding a suspicious package, the police are still poking it was a long (very long) stick… Same planet, different worlds…

Information Junky Shuns Trad Media

This writer discusses the anger the Traditional Media will show if Bush wins in November. Reading this reminded me of a recent discussion I had with an editor of the local paper, the News Journal.

We were discussing my writing, and he asked if I read the paper. I said I did. What I didn’t mention was that I only did on Sundays – and often only scanning the thing after buying the paper for the TV guide and the store ads. I realized later that I really had lied.

And that got me to thinking: I learned to read from the newspapers. I’m not kidding. My older sisters used the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Globe Democrat. Some of the first sentences I read were about PLO hijackings, and the progress of the Vietnam war.

Ever since, I have been an information junky. During college I read maybe four newspapers a day. I am still a news junkie. But today? I don’t read any.

It’s not really a time issue. I made time for the newspaper. But for a true info-freak, there is nothing like the internet. During my workday, I have Fox News open in a window. I then move on to the “Daily Round” of Dean Esmay, Den Beste, Andrew Sullivan, and the stories that they link to. I don’t surf from site to site, unless I am searching for info on a particular story.

But newspapers are no longer part of my life. Too bad…

Finished New Soldier – Nothing here, move along…

Well it’s not that long a read. That said, my take on it?

No big deal given the times.

I was looking for a smoking gun, some bit of pachoulie oil scented wisdom that sounds like the words of a traitor today – and didn’t find anything as dramatic. What I found was the words of someone who loved his country but disagreed with its leadership.

Since I view Nixon as the worst president ever – it’s hard for me to disagree with the 1971 John Kerry – even though the 2004 John Kerry makes my skin itch. If anything, Kerry’s making a mistake by not talking about the book. His Congressional testimony might be more damaging, but I haven’t found that yet.

John Kerry’s The New Soldier

I’ve been looking for this book, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Thanks to the internet – I found it. Now all I need to do is find the time to read it… Visit this link to read John Kerry’s The New Soldier.

Operation Truth

Just saw the founder of this group on Fox News, a National Guard soldier who served 10 months in Iraq. Be sure to check them out: Operation Truth

Bring it on?

Swiftboat Vets is kicking ass, and taking names. I’ve watched them debate with Kerry’s people – and it’s amazing how the debate works:
Swift Vets: During Christmas 1968, Kerry wasn’t anywhere near Cambodia – let alone over the border.
Kerry Campaign: You guys suck!

Well it’s not exactly like that, but Swift Vets charges are never refuted by Kerry’s people. Instead Kerry’s team always attacks the Swift Vets personally. As anyone experienced with debate knows, such ad hominem attacks are usually indicative of an inability to refute charges.

Auf Wiedersehen! Buh-Bye!

So America is returning to it’s Isolationist roots and leaving the EuroWeenies to their fates. Yippee!

And PJ O’Rourke interviews Colin Powell. More fun than my Monday Morning brain can take…

Thanks to Dean.

BTW I wrote about this back in the Spring of ‘03 after the South Koreans shredded an American Flag.

Recovering Democrat

Hi, My name is Scott and I am a recovering Democrat. I last voted for a Democrat nearly 4 years ago, but as you might well imagine, the next few months are going to be tough for me.

Well, actually they aren’t. I’ve admitted that I had a problem with my inability to respect authority, my moral equivalence where I thought Good and Evil were outmoded concepts, and my yearning to be European.

That all changed three years ago on a bright Tuesday morning under a crystalline blue sky on September 11, 2001.

Since that time, things haven’t been easy. You see, I realized that day that my liberal beliefs wouldn’t protect me from people who wanted to kill me and my family – but men willing to risk their lives carrying fire hoses, handguns and automatic rifles would. It was a hard transition for me, being brought up as an intellectual in Reagan’s America.

Since that time, I have learned to treasure my independence – having seen that the Republican party is more interested in tax breaks for the wealthy and shipping my job overseas and turning me into a servant than in protecting my family. Still, I have found people in it who agree with me – Congressman Tom Tancredo for example. And even the die-hards like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity are much more enjoyably to watch raging than Al Franken and Michael Moore. After all, Ann’s legs are so much better looking than Michael Moore’s and the Republican Party is the party of straight sex anyway.

The largest part of my recovery has been accepting Bush for what he is: a man of his word. I agree with him sometimes, but disagree with him more often than not. Still, John Kerry is frightening. He reminds me too much of the Manchurian Candidate – the real movie not the remake. He lies so often that he doesn’t seem to understand the difference between it and the truth. That is the very definition of a pathological liar, and I cannot stomach the idea of voting for him.

So my recovery continues. There are a few Democrats I will vote for at the state and local levels – but they don’t get much support from the national party anyway. They are smart people, and hopefully will help rebuild the Democratic Party after it implodes this Fall. At that point I might consider voting a straight ticket someday – but I take things one vote at a time and doubt that I will.

That’s all I have to share at this time. Thank you!

Communists For Kerry

I was looking at Soviet era posters, and found this.

St. Jimmy – Patron Saint Of Failure

Long commutes to and from work accompanied by loud trance music has a way calming the mind and letting it play around with ideas.

This morning it played around with an image from the Democratic National Convention: Michael Moore sitting with Jimmy Carter in a private box overlooking the convention floor.

I am no fan of Jimmy Carter. See previous post here. My mind began a whirlwind of thoughts:

“What would you say if you met Jimmy Carter and could ask him one question?”

I then thought up the following:
“Having led America during a time of unparalleled economic disaster of high unemployment, inflation and colloquializing the term “misery index” and a disastrous foreign policy that laid the groundwork for the Islamic terror we suffer from today by showing American weakness and inaction during the Iranian Hostage Crisis and Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, decimated your Democratic party by losing in the largest landslide ever suffered by an incumbent president, why are you so damned self-righteous?”

Why Marines Rock