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If There Was Justice in the World…

June 28, 2003

The Pirate-King suggested a redesign of the site – which had remained the same for roughly 2 years – that’s 20 internet years to you and me. It gives it a much more “bloggy” appearance, but hey, that’s what it is. Since the host server doesn’t support anything useful like PHP or CGI scripts, I can’t use any of the other blog software out there, so I’ll have to do it all myself. No worries though. I will have a permalink feature shortly.

Thanks again to Mother-In-Law (May Her Name Be Praised).

Let me know what you think of the redesign.

Osama Love Nest

The Weekly World Headline says it all:

Saddam & Osama in love! Revealed: Their shocking secret life

Gimme sloppy wets jihad bitch!

The only thing that shocks me about this photo is that I always considered Saddam was the Butch one and Osama the Femme.

Anti-Iranian Regime Protests in France

This kind of thing always freaks me out:

Iranian woman sets herself ablaze in Paris - Reuters

The woman set herself on fire to protest the round-up of Iranian Left-wing intellectuals in France opposed to the current Iranian regime. What bothers me most about this picture is the fact that the USA supported the round up.

Excuse me?

It turns out that the People’s Mujahadeen aren’t the nicest of groups, but still, as a political realist “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” still rings true. I mean, if the woman was a Hamas supporter she could have strapped on a bomb-belt and taken some Parisians with her. Instead she decided to immolate herself – killing no one else.

One thing that the Palestinians have never realized is the power of non-violence. They could have gotten their state a decade ago if they had directed their energies towards non-violent protest instead of shooting 7 year old Israeli girls to death. If Hamas suicide bombers immolated themselves instead of Jerusalem buses, they would garner much more sympathy. But they aren’t interested in sympathy or protest; they want to destroy Israel and set-up an Islamic caliphate in it’s place.

Which leads me back to France.

France has refused to join the rest of the civilized world in freezing out Hamas from negotiations on Arab-Israeli settlement issues. The French, having refined their negotiating skills with the Germans standing at the edge of Paris in 1940, now wish to apply said technique to the Gordian Knot of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Hamas has one mission: to destroy Israel and set-up an Islamic caliphate in it’s place. As I have stated previously, one can negotiate with a mugger but not a murderer. Hamas doesn’t want peace. It is not interested in just the West Bank and Gaza. It wants (say it with me): to destroy Israel and set-up an Islamic caliphate in it’s place. Hamas needs to be destroyed, its members either killed or deprogrammed. France – yet again through its stubborness and stupidity – stands in the way of completely annihilating this group of psychotic thugs.

France is again playing its dangerous game with dangerous people. In this case the victims will most likely be the Palestinians and Israelis who are desperate for peace. However one doesn’t have to be a believer in Karma to recognize the “blow-back” France will experience in the future by treating the world’s psychopaths with gentle hands.

Raines Resigns & Tiananmen Anniversary

Fox News just reported that New York Times executive editor Howell Raines and managing editor Gerald Boyd have resigned. Looks like the reverberations from the desposing of Saddam are still being felt. Andrew Sullivan must be doing a little victory dance – as should anyone who values the objective search for the Truth in the media.

And while I’m here… I forgot to note that yesterday was the 14th anniversary of TiananMen. I didn’t forget it – having helped out some Chinese pro-democracy students suddenly stuck in the USA back then. One reason I still dislike Bush the Elder is for his gentle handling of the Chinese regime after this event. The Chinese people deserve to be free, and any freedom loving person should never forgot those who died that day fighting for the values we take for granted today.