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Interesting Times

I notice that there are many “Media Echoes” listed. As the Chinese curse has it, “May you live in interesting times.” Well times are interesting, if not excruciatingly painful as we await our fates as well as that of our nation’s. There is lots of good material out there but even more awful stuff and it isn’t exactly easy to sort the former from the latter. By maintaining copies of the good stuff here I am hoping to make it easier for all of us to do our best to understand events and develop sensible strategies in the defence of Truth.

Tony Blair’s speech yesterday is amazing. I’ve cut the best bits and placed them in a media echo here. Here is the money quote:

  Saddam has murdered more than a million Iraqis over the past 30 years, are you willing to allow him to kill another million Iraqis?

Rotten State of Europe

Today was a dark day for those of us who hoped to salvage some kind of shred of dignity from the United Nations. But as Andrew Sullivan wrote today, the UN hasn’t become like the League of Nations, it IS the League of Nations. For those of us who weren’t around at the time, read the Media Echo of Alistair Cooke’s Letter to America for a first-hand account of that institution.

What is more of a concern is how rotten the state of Europe is these days. Check out this article at the National Review written by General Ion Mihai Pacepa, highest-ranking intelligence officer ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc. According to him, Joschka Fischer did more than beat up a policeman in 1973: he actively supported the Red Army and provided weapons for an attack in Austria in 1975 by “Carlos the Jackal”. In a related development, Richard Perle, has accused France of striking a deal with Saddam Hussein to oppose military action in return for a lucrative oil contract. This story appeared on Instapundit and can be viewed here. This seems to support Steven Den Beste and Andrew Sullivan’s assertions that France has been engaging in duplicitous behavior with the Iraqis in complete disregard of United Nations sanctions and American interests. From the American perspective, this could be viewed as a casus belli, an act of war.

Bush must act soon. The longer the wait, the worse the damage to American credibility and the harder the path will be to the liberation of Baghdad.

The Stage is Set

I can’t shake the feeling that all the pieces are in place, all the actors on stage, the bows of the violinists in the orchestra pit hovering expectantly over the strings… The curtain is going to rise and the farce that has played out over the last few months will become riveting drama. Life. Death. Everything will change. Everything will begin again. Welcome to the real New World Order.

Colin Powell’s UN Speech

- Yesterday’s UN speech by Colin Powell was unprecedented yet I can’t help but feel that it’s the death knell for the institution. Perhaps this thought shouldn’t be as scary as it may seem to some, since the UN was born in the Cold War and shaped by its politics and rivalries. In effect the Cold War died in 1992 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, so I don’t think it’s a coincidence that since then the institution has had serious trouble. It proved ineffective in Somalia in 1993. It ignored the pleas of its own peacekeepers to intervene to stop the genocide in Rwanda. It completely abetted the atrocities in Sbrenica in Bosnia-Herzogovina. The current head of the UN Human Rights Commission is Libya, and the only nation that voted against the appointment was the US (Europe “courageously” abstained). And in May Iraq is set to chair the UN Disarmament Commission.

Is there a need for a transnational entity of some type ? Yes. Is it the United Nations? Absolutely not.

About Heroes…

- Since Columbia I’ve been thinking about heroes. The result can be viewed here. Don’t forget to check out the Media Echoes for Christopher Hitchens’ piece on Mandela. Hitchen’s once referred to the death of Mother Theresa as “... the old bird finally fell from her perch…” and he’s been a favorite of mine ever since. Not many reporters had the guts to point out her affinity for dictators like the Docs (Papa & Baby) Duvalier. Hitchens revs up his chainsaw and applies it to Mandela. As a former devotee of the man, it sickens me to say that it is indeed well deserved.

Mandela has clearly lost it. I could be politically correct and make excuses for him – that those surrounding him have been filtering the news he receives or something to that effect – but the truth must be laid bare. Mandela is a racist. Perhaps all those years spent in prison developing a statesman-like persona was a ruse – but I shudder to think so. It’s a shame, but from the perspective of the Iraqi people, his voice against change in Iraq is a crime. I guess only black autocrats like Robert Mugabe or Arab dictators like Saddam have human rights in Mandela’s eyes. In two years the man has called into question 35 years of his own history.