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Things Change

- I voted for Al Gore, hated George Bush sr, cursed the US Supreme court’s ruling that gave Florida to the Republicans – and here I was stunned by George W. Bush’s State of the Union speech. Highlights: $15 Billion over 5 years in aid to Africa for AIDS. I still can’t believe that one. Plus his description of how we were fighting the war on terror and why we were going after Iraq. Frat boy turned president turned damned good president I’d vote for in a New York minute. God how wrong I was about him 1 1/2 years ago. But I still don’t buy the line that making rich people richer is good for the economy.

– Anyone notice how much Tom Ridge is looking like J. Edgar Hoover these days? – No Lenny Skutnik moment or did I miss something? After 20 years – no wave at the balcony to salute some hero. Guess they’ll have to revise the State of the Union Drinking Game… – Hillary sure looked friendly with Senator Lieberman. They even stood/sat in sync. Bill had better watch it. – No democrats clapped for a ban on partial birth abortion. Even suburban pro-choicers cringe at the brutal procedure. Come on, guys, you’re out of the mainstream enough all ready. – Was I too hard on Blix? Andrew Sullivan thinks so. Yes his report was middle of the road and wasn’t quite as tepid as the French would like. Rest assured that if I discover that Blix bites, it will be duly noted here.


- Is there room in the Blogosphere vocabulary to “verb” Blix. It could be a synonym for the idiom “turn a blind eye” to obvious transgressions. I’ve always imagined Sargeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes saying “I see nothing! I hear nothing!” whenever I used that one. Hey, maybe Hollywood could cast Hans for that role in the upcoming Hogan’s Heroes movie.

Schultz! Blix!

I see nothing! I hear nothing!

We could say that the UN inspectors are blixing the Security Council, or that the SEC is blixing investors on shareholder reforms. I wouldn’t mind waking up one morning and hearing NPR report, “President Bush, tired of the blixing of the UN inspectors, said the hell with it and pulverized each one of Saddam Hussein’s thirty-eight lavish palaces. Of course NPR would report it as if Bush had carpet-bombed an orphanage…

– Speaking of Blix, feel free to visit the “Ultimate Hans Blix Fansite” for all things Blix. And kids, teach your parents how to use the term blix – after all, you too can have weapons of mass destruction hidden safely away in your room if your parents conduct inspections as well as the UN does.

General Musings

- “NO WAR” is like saying “NO CRIME” – It is a self-evident phrase that is beyond idealistic to become ludicrous. Blaming Bush for the war in Iraq is like citizens of a neighborhood blaming the police for crime. “If they didn’t actually arrest people, then the crime rate would go down.” Talk it over with your kindergartener. She’ll understand the apparent logic.

– What do the initials NPR stand for?

a) National Palestinian Radio.

b) Naturally Pacifistic Radio

c) Nerdy Pinko Recidivists

d) all of the above

Hmm… That’s a toughie

– Does one have to beg Glenn Reynolds to get mentioned on Instapundit? If so, my knees are shot after 15 years of marriage. Could someone mention this journal to him? (Ed Note: Thanks for the plug on Jan 23, Glenn!) – The United Nations is dead and the last corpse of the Cold War is left rotting in New York. Did a body that was partially run by France having a majority of members with unelected governments ever make sense in the first place? – South Korea should be allowed its “love fest” with North Korea and US troops should be withdrawn. It will be interesting to watch – from a distance safely out of NoDong missile range. Now is the time to start buying stock in Chinese chip makers. – You know you live in interesting times when Republicans become the standard bearers for free expression, women’s rights and human rights in general. One does not see the Left Wing energized by women drivers in Afghanistan, the first batch of which just got their licenses recently, or growing Islamic fundamentalism courtesy of Hamas in the so-called “Occupied Territories”. – Is Dell taking over the PC market singlehandedly? I’m seeing the things everywhere, and every other commercial seems to have the “Dell Dude” on it.

-The French have shown that they are a bunch of pussies – not that it’s a surprise or anything (see pic below)

– And the Germans. Well the Germans are just returning to form. One cannot expect too much from a people that spent the better part of the past two-hundred years being on the opposite side of our cannons. Pretty soon they’ll be back to their own tricks – hopefully starting with their traditional prey the French.

– Why do the British continue to stick by us even though we have joined the Jews as being the scapegoats of the moment? It’s pretty amazing how far a Labor leader, Tony Blair, has gone with us on Iraq and the War on Terrorism. Why? Beats me but I’m glad they – and our best friends Down Under are with us. We can do it alone, but it’s more fun to do it with friends. – I expect this will be one of the few posts before the War. May it end quickly and decisively.