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Midterm Election Results 2014 Summed Up

Jesse Ventura’s New Book

Hot on the heels of his legal victory over the widow of Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History, former wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura announced the release of his new book.

Update: Here’s one opinion from the NSW (Naval Special Warfare) Community. Evidently I’m not the only one who thinks there’s a special circle of Hell waiting for this turd.

The World Is Disappointed in Obama

One of the Pope’s Inspirations…

Every pope wants to be as cool as Father Guido Sarducci.

The Real Reason Behind the BLM Attack on the Bundy Ranch

Inside Barack Obama’s Mind

What’s His Jihad?

Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Jihad

It’s Easy To Ban Guns for Others While You Remain Protected By Them

I’m just saying…

Bloomberg 3 AM

My Kim Jong Un Fan Page

My homage to the hungriest sexiest man alive.

Kim Jong Un - Sushii

Kim Jong Un - Krispy Kreme

Kim Jong Un - Rollin-Hatin

Kim Jong Un - Downton Abbey

And of course, this classic ripped from FreeRepublic many moons ago…
Kim Jong Mickey

The Footman Magazine – Special Downton Abbey Issue

A recent conversation after the discovery of Amazon Prime Video.

Wife: I’ve heard Downton Abbey is good.
Me: I tend to side with the Jacobins and Tudors when it comes to the aristocracy. I like my nobles headless.

Now we’ve almost finished Season 2 and watch little else. The show is simply a delight, and contains witty, acerbic and even occasionally tender writing. For repartee devotees, the show is an absolute must (though tonight’s episode with the war ending among other things was a bit contrived.)

So just for fun I put together this bit of Photoshop, imagining Downton Abbey real and full-color magazines and photography existent in 1914, with a magazine geared towards servants.

Downton Abbey Magazine

Get Your Uterus Out of My Wallet

Here’s a graphic that explains how I feel about the supposed War on Women.

If you want the government to avoid telling you what to do with your body, then don’t expect the government to pay for what you put into it. That money just comes from people like me and honestly, I’d rather use it to pay for something other than to help you avoid the consequences of your bad choices while drunk.

US Women out of my Wallet

H/T: Bookworm Room for the graphic.

Did Elizabeth Warren Steal from a Minority?

Every white person below the age of 50 or so understands why Elizabeth Warren lied about being a minority. Every college applicant forced to tick the “caucasian/white” box on an entrance application, every job applicant forced to do the same knows the cost of that mark, how the color of your skin determines whether or not your application is accepted or you get the interview. It’s hard to fight affirmative action quotas designed to redress racial discrimination decades or even centuries before you were born, so if you can’t beat the system, why not play it?

And that’s exactly what Warren did. Warren became a minority because it benefited her career. It made her stand out from all the other white faculty members at the University of Pennsylvania. More importantly it carried a certain cache important to a monied liberal like herself working with minorities in Philadelphia; a little street cred with her students that perhaps encouraged them to relate more to her. Sure she may have been playing fast and loose with the System, but that’s what everybody does, right? Besides, it was for a worthy cause: the minority students whom she would mentor and lead to better lives.

What Warren never considered was how playing the race card at UPENN may have kept a real minority out of the position. Faculty positions are limited so she beat someone out of the job. Faced with a real minority and a fake one like Warren, it’s possible that she was chosen for the position because she was blonde and blue-eyed and a minority as well. It’s the best of both worlds to some university administrators: a woman they can feel comfortable with who shares their same culture and upbringing yet a minority that they can add to their diversity statistics.

A lot of white people have stretched the truth in the cut throat world of academia. The only difference is that most of them don’t run for the US Senate a quarter century later and get caught.

Aruba’s New Ad Campaign

After the Natalie Holloway fiasco and now another American woman gone missing in Aruba, I couldn’t resist…
Aruba's New Ad Campaign - Ditch the Bitch

What Coexist Really Means

Inspired by Wisertime, although the graphic takes it easier on the LGBT agenda than the original post.

President Lyndon Baines Obama and General Biden

Considering how the Left has harped on Vietnam for the past two generations I’m somewhat surprised that of all the lessons America learned from that conflict, one of the most crucial is being ignored by Obama and his administration: politicians suck at military strategy. Having a president and his secretary of defense pouring over battlefield maps and deciding what high value targets should be hit isn’t the way one fights a war, especially one as complex as a counterinsurgency. I had thought that even the most level-headed liberals would recognize that fact (in fairness to her, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to be one of the few in the administration that does understand) but the aggression of the administration towards General Stanley McChrystal’s recommendations makes it clear that the spirits of Bob McNamara and LBJ are alive and well in the White House.

As a former Delawarean I am quite familiar with the embarrassment of its native son Joe Biden. To say that Joe Biden’s ego is large is like saying the Grand Canyon is a big hole or that opera singer Andrea Bocelli can carry a tune. Biden has always fancied himself to be a bit of an arm-chair general. Now that he has the ear of the most powerful man in the world, one can be assured that he is going to put that imagined talent to use.

General Biden - copyright 2009

And so he has. General Biden has worked hard to convince the President that he should ignore the real generals like Gen. Stanley McChrystal and follow his advice. Joe Biden believes that we should give up on Afghanistan and focus on Pakistan instead.

While I suspect that Biden really believes that this is a good idea, his ego is clearly clouding his judgment. First by ignoring the advice of his own generals in Afghanistan, Obama risks losing the war outright. If he cannot trust the advice of his own generals and the chain of command that is supposed to craft that advice, how will the President get the information he needs to make the decisions he is constitutionally bound to make? While I am not a fan of the president, I am willing to support him if he stands behind our men and women in uniform and the millions of Afghanis they are working alongside to save that nation from the fate of Somalia.

Secondly, what are Biden’s credentials on military operations? I am a student of military history yet I do not claim to be qualified to override the intelligence of General McChrystal, whom Obama and Biden have both praised in the past – when it suited their agenda. Sure he has attended a lot of briefings as head of various intelligence and foreign policy committees in the Senate, but just because I avidly listen to the commentary of Howie Long or Terry Bradshaw on the Fox Pregame show does not qualify me to be a NFL quarterback.

More importantly the so-called focus on Pakistan is a red herring. Special Ops and predator strikes do not win wars, and in the recent past Israel’s policy of targeted assassination came under withering critiques from the same people who are now advocating such tactics in Pakistan. The limits of air power were found during the “No-Fly Zones” imposed on Iraq in the 1990’s as well as the conflict in the Balkans and the various cruise missile strikes on terror camps in Afghanistan before 9-11. In all three cases nothing changed until American and NATO boots hit the ground.

I believe that this is a conscious decision to retreat in the war against al-Qaeda without appearing to do so. The air strikes in Pakistan are extremely unpopular there and destabilize the government further. By switching America’s focus to this tactic, Obama can always say later that the strikes have achieved their goals without offering any proof. He can also state that the attacks are breaches of international law – which they technically are – and therefore must cease. In short this allows Obama to end the war quickly without much effort and without destroying al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Since Obama may agree with elements of the hard Left believe that terrorism is more of a symptom rather than a disease, he would then be able to address the root causes of the terror: Israel, American hegemony, and Capitalism. In his short time in office Obama has attacked all three with a vigor that hasn’t been seen in the Oval Office since Bush had Saddam Hussein in his sights, so retreating from Afghanistan and Pakistan fits his long term strategy.

Biden may be blinded by his ego, but Obama is can’t see through the Hyde Park haze obscuring the reality that there are men who desire nothing less than the destruction of our way of life and the imposition of theirs upon us. Israel, America – these have always been excuses meant to deceive us into thinking that our actions are to blame for the terrorists attacks against us. Actions are relatively easy to change: we can leave Israel to it’s fate with a congressional vote and a presidential signature. It’s much more difficult to accept Bin Laden’s interpretation of Islam and all that entails.

I do not believe for a moment that Obama wants to burn the Constitution and enslave the nation under Bin Laden’s idea of Sharia. However I do believe that his ideology bars him from seeing the reality of the conflict in the same way that LBJ’s and McNamara’s Cold War beliefs kept them from seeing the reality on the ground in Vietnam. It took years and the loss of tens of thousands of American and South Vietnamese lives before Reality burst into the Oval Office and an effective political and military strategy was pursued in Vietnam. But by that time it was too late, the war was over and we were defeated.

Such an outcome is in America’s future unless Obama drops his ideological bias and Biden his illusions of grandeur. But will this happen before the next terrorist attack on American soil? For the sake of all Americans – liberal and conservative – I hope so.