A Coming Out Post

I’m sorry for saying all this by blog post but I think this is the best way and gives us time to think about it. I can assure you that I’ve thought long and hard about this decision and do not make it lightly. I realize that I have been living a lie, and each time I laugh along with others or make fun of those like me, a little piece of me dies inside.

I am writing this post to tell you that I support Donald Trump. It’s something that I have suspected for months but have only managed to accept over the last week or so. Since New Hampshire I have always known that something was different. After Scott Walker dropped out I moved to Rand Paul, and after he quit I moved on to Ted Cruz. It has just taken me so long to realize because let’s face it, admitting one is going to vote for Trump isn’t popular, and there remain several good reasons not to.

I know this is not a phase and is who I am meant to be. I would have admitted it sooner but you would have been just as confused as I was. I wouldn’t have been able to answer any questions you would have because I wouldn’t know the answers myself. At least now you will be able to see I have accepted it and I am happy this way. It may go against expectations people have of me such as voting Libertarian or perhaps even making the switch to support the bitch (Hillary) as PJ O’Rourke and many other Republicans I respect have done, but in my heart I recognize that would be a terrible mistake. I ask myself, “Which candidate infringes on my liberty less?” and the answer is Trump. He is not perfect and I still hope that he turns out to be better than expected or perhaps Ronald Reagan himself returns and guides the party to victory in November, but barring those miracles I am left with accepting Trump and myself for what we are. And it’s clear that in the end he is a better choice when it comes to freedom than Hillary. After 8 years of Obama we cannot afford 4 years of Hillary and her lies. I just don’t think the Republic can take much more.

I have not told you and other people for this reason, but the older I get the more matters such as picking Supreme Court nominees and rolling back laws restricting our freedom start being mentioned and eventually you would have found out anyway. It’s just better sooner rather than later.

You may have noticed that whenever anybody dissed Trump to me I had absolutely no reaction to it or I would just look at the floor or act like I wasn’t listening. I know that a Republican White House is something I’ve wanted and attacking Trump instead of Hillary is something I am not willing to spend my life doing just so others can be happy. This is who I am and if they cannot accept that then the problem is with them, not me. I can try and help you (and everybody else) understand who I am, it will only work if they allow it.

I’m sorry for saying all this by a blog post but it’s the only way to be sure that I actually will tell you. Know that I respect you, kind reader, and that this does not change who I am. I hope that you can be happy and continue respecting my opinions. I’m still the same person I always was, and will continue to respect yours.

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On Dublin’s Rocky Road

Just got back from a week in Dublin. I have traveled to many places in this world but the only place outside of the USA that I’ve ever felt at home was Ireland. I’m sure racial memory has something to do with it (I’m quarter Irish) and being American helps since the Irish don’t hold it against us the way some of the Brits (“Iraq! Bush!”) and especially the French and Germans do. But their food is great, their coffee is hearty and black, and of course they’ve got the best beer in the world: Guinness, which I personally haven’t enjoyed in 15+ years but I’m sure St. Peter has one waiting for me, properly poured, at the Pearly Gates because if he doesn’t I’m sure the Other Guy will have one ready for me Down There.

Dublin is a great city with a hint of sadness. It’s fast becoming a multi-cultural European city and losing its “Irish” flavor. This is probably good for the economy and for the Irish people in the long-term, but in the short I’m not so sure. Ireland isn’t known for being a “melting-pot” and still struggles to integrate two very closely related ethnic groups with nearly identical religions. I’m not sure it’s ready to handle an influx of Middle Eastern Muslims, but ready or not they are there and more are coming. In Dublin there are large and apparently growing Eastern European communities. I visited St. Audoen’s Church and heard mass said in Polish. We were served by Czechs and Croats in several pubs and restaurants, and heard Russian several times spoken on the streets. Thanks to the EU’s immigration policy Ireland is opening up, but as an American I’m not sure filling low-skilled and low-paying jobs with Eastern Europeans is a solution to Ireland’s own employment troubles. It’s something that bears watching, and I would love to talk to the Irish more about this issue but since our stay was pretty much limited to Dublin our interactions with the Irish were more limited than previous trips outside of the city.

Talking to the Irish (two taxi drivers and one waitress) we were asked the same question, “So how about President Trump?” The question was posed that way not as a hypothetical, but as a reality. The three seemed convinced he was going to win the election. The Wife and I answered diplomatically, explaining that there was still a lot of time to go before the election and that much could still happen, but none of the three seemed worried. The Wife realized why. They had watched him on TV shows like The Apprentice and were comfortable with him. They knew more about him through those shows and the tabloid stories written about him over the past two decades than they do about Hillary Clinton, who never had the same level of public exposure as Trump. Granted they seemed bemused about him, kind of like, “You crazy Americans…” but they weren’t afraid of him nuking the Chinese or walling off Mexico the way the Hillary-leaning US press tries to scare Americans into fearing him.

We learned that the economy there is still down, but the impression is that things are turning the corner. One taxi driver said that it will be a long time before Ireland returns to being the Celtic Tiger, but remained guardedly optimistic about the country’s future. The impression that we had of Dublin was that the city had clearly seen better days, but the city had potential. Cellphone and broadband services are much better, faster and cheaper than what we are stuck with here. It was easy to get around the city on foot and using taxis, buses and trains. Real estate struck me as overpriced, but then again I’m living in one of the cheapest areas of one of the cheapest countries (real estate-wise) on the planet. And there is plenty to do. The arts are thriving in Dublin and we were bummed that we arrived between major dance performances. The museums are free and top-notch. And the city is filled with plenty of restaurants and pubs so that you never need to visit the same one twice unless you live there or want to.

As an American of Irish descent, I want to see Ireland succeed. I love Ireland and the Irish for many of the same reasons that I love Israel and the Jews. Both nations and peoples have suffered genocide* and oppression. Both have long colorful histories, and both have spawned brilliant scientists, entrepreneurs, and artists that have contributed to making the world a better place. Our next trip back is being planned (as is a trip to Israel coincidentally), and while Dublin’s road to the future remains rocky, I’m confident that the future is brighter than the typical Irish overcast sky.

——*I understand that equating the Holocaust with any other act of genocide in history is dangerous. What the Jews suffered in Europe under the Nazis was unique. No genocide was as carefully planned and executed as the Holocaust – and I respect that. But while differing in scale, the Irish suffered genocide and ethnic cleansing at the hands of the British. I am descended from a husband and wife who came to the US to escape starvation caused by a natural event exacerbated by British policies and used as a tool for the ethnic cleansing of the Irish from their homeland. This was the culmination of several hundred years of oppression that wouldn’t end until the Irish gained independence in 1922. I am not sure how many of my Irish family starved to death during Black 47, but I doubt the number was zero.

And while I remain an Anglophile, I hope that no Brit ever asks me about my guilt over slavery as an American because I’ll have to “let fly” my shillelagh to remind them about their own nation’s sordid past.

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No Bueno

If Mexico is so great just head south kid.

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The North Carolina Boycott – The HB2 Hypocrites

Update: Hey Bryan Adams, plan on boycotting Egypt now that your agent found it on a map? Egypt Jails 11 Men Accused of Homosexuality.

Here’s a list of companies and individuals boycotting North Carolina. As a libertarian living in the state who supports the LGBT+ community, I really think there are more important issues than who can use which bathroom. But boycotting an American southern state is easy to do, the economic equivalent of liking a Facebook page. It costs firms almost nothing yet gets them attention in the media and improves their branding with the relatively affluent gay community.

Ringo Starr – Every true Beetle fan knows shooting him would have impressed Jody Foster more.

Bryan AdamsNo problem visiting Egypt last month where gay sex can net you 17 years in prison. Adams said he “loves it here,” even after Egyptian customs officials vandalized his guitar. Adams also toured the Middle East in 2010 with dates in Qatar, UAE, and Damascus Syria – all places where homosexuality is illegal.

Deutsche Bank – “Deutsche Bank’s deep-seated belief in the necessity of companies contributing to the societies in which they operate” in the Middle East includes offices throughout the region including Riydah Saudi Arabia, where gay sex is illegal and the second offense will net automatic execution. Oh, and don’t mention the war.

Paypal – Operates offices in Malaysia which has imprisoned an opposition figure numerous times over the past 17 years for sodomy, a crime punishable by whipping and 20 years in prison. But Paypal cancelled plans to open offices in Charlotte NC where gay marriage as well as sodomy is legal.

Bruce Springsteen – In the 1980s I got beaten up by guys who listened to Bruce Springsteen and thought anyone who dared listen to anything not on local album rock station K-SHE 95 was a “f****t.” I thought his music was whiny neo-hippy shit then and I think it’s even more shit now. I can at least be proud that he’s about as popular today with millennials as penicillin resistant gonorrhea.

Michael MooreGolden Corral owners statewide are breathing a sigh of relief.

xHamster – I’m not surprised he’d oppose HB2 given his homoerotic-charged scenes with Oxnard.

Joel McHale – Didn’t he have his own navy back in the 60’s?

General Electric – From the China Post: “We think globally. The way we like to think about the shipbuilding industry is: we power, we propel and we position,” said Mark Hutchinson, president and CEO of GE Greater China. I guess Hutchinson doesn’t think globally about LGTB rights. Unlike North Carolina, gay marriage continues to be illegal in China. The same week HB2 boycotters made news, a high court in China ruled against a gay couple seeking to get married. Gay rights in China are abysmal in general even with a skewed population of men outnumbering women thanks to sex-selective abortion. Would GE pull out of China to protest the Chinese court decision? Nope. Why not? It would be too expensive. Boycotting a state of 10 million is cheap. Boycotting a nation of 1.4 billion is expensive.

Dow Chemical Company – Dow has a single location in Charlotte NC. Like GE Dow has an extensive presence in China. Shouldn’t it sacrifice that presence over China’s abysmal LGBT+ rights record?

Pepsi – The drinks company expanded its presence in Africa by opening a facility in Kenya. Gay sex there is punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

Hyatt – The hotel chain, partly owned by Obama Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, expanded its operations in several cities in Mexico in 2014. Although gay marriage is recognized in Mexico, gay bashing is still prevalent and rarely investigated by authorities.

Hewlett Packard – The company run into the ground by former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and her successor Mark Hurd, who left after being sued for sexual harassment, has extensive Chinese operations. See GE above.

Choice Hotels International – Who are these guys? They are the owners of a whole stable of hotel chain brands and are based in Maryland. Unlike NC, Maryland does all transgenders to use bathrooms of their choice. But Choice Hotels International hasn’t exported its homegrown anti-discrimination sensibilities abroad, operating hotels the Dominican Republic where same-sex marriage has been illegal since 2010.

Whole Foods – Not sure how these guys are boycotting NC. The store in Winston is open. Maybe by making the attitudes of the staff more rude. It will be a challenge given how high they set the bar before the boycott.

Levis Strauss & Co. – I’m a big Levi’s fan, which is why a quick check of my jeans reveals they were made in Indonesia. Yes, Indonesia – a bastion of tolerance in Southeast Asia. Actually no. Gay marriage and gay porn are both illegal, and gay sex is prohibited for Muslims. While transgenders are permitted to live as the sex they choose, “They must learn to accept their nature,” says Ichwan Syam, a prominent Muslim cleric at the influential Indonesian Ulema Council. “If they are not willing to cure themselves medically and religiously” they have “to accept their fate to be ridiculed and harassed.” That would include President Obama’s transgender nanny.

Boston – The band not the socialist utopia in Massachusetts. A 1970s creator of earworms who weren’t all killed in a small plane crash in Mississippi in 1977. Honestly I thought they were dead until a friend of mine on Facebook who happens to be a happily married gay man posted an article about the band cancelling a gig in the state.

Everyone has a right to come or do business in North Carolina as they see fit. If you want to avoid the state, go right ahead. Just don’t wrap yourself in some sanctimonious tortilla as you do so unless you are prepared to make changes that hurt. For individuals like Springsteen and Adams that would mean skipping the dough from sand-gigs in the Middle East. For large companies like GE, Paypal, and the like that would mean leaving China, a country they just can’t quit.

If this is all it has left, the gay community needs to declare victory and go home or export the fight abroad and change the world. There are gays abroad literally dying for being true to themselves in hell-holes from Tijuana to Riyadh, yet gays here would rather fight about bathrooms in North Carolina. Why? Because it’s easy and something they can do from their Macbooks during HGTV commercials.  As one commentator mentioned after the Supreme Court declared gay marriage the Law of the Land, Gays can’t take yes for an answer. As a long-standing LGTB ally and libertarian, leave my state alone and take your fight elsewhere.

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